Information for Shadow Council Members

We’ll be providing regular updates for Members as we progress towards the creation of Dorset Council on 1 April 2019. You can also find information on the Shadow Dorset Council, Shadow Executive Committee and Shadow Overview and Scrutiny Committee on this website.

You can view the latest newsletters below:

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Get involved

Members are encouraged to attend full Shadow Dorset Council meetings. Committee meetings are open to the public and members can submit questions in advance via Democratic Services. You can find the full guidance on Member Speaking here: Guidance Note – Member Speaking.

Members can also attend meetings of the various Member Working Groups. Please email if you wish to attend working group meeting so numbers can be managed. Please note Member Working Group meetings are not public meetings.

Member Working Groups

The member working groups have a two-fold purpose – to ensure that members have a clear place to lead the work required in areas of specific detail and to provide a means of engagement, both for elected members and wider partners, alongside the communications and engagement strategy. The groups are led by members and are made up of members and officers.


1. To exercise member oversight of the legal and democratic workstream (excluding areas overseen by Boundary Group) and information governance workstream.

2. To review and make recommendations about the constitution of the Shadow Dorset Council.

3. To ensure that the Shadow Dorset Council: (a) operates effectively and efficiently and (b) is open and transparent.

4. Taking as its starting point the Joint Committee’s vision for the Council, to formulate: (a) a proposed operating model; and (b) a draft Constitution for the Dorset Council.

5. To consider recommendations about the culture of the new Council which complements the emerging vision, and help accelerate the creation of an entirely new organisation.


  • Anthony Alford (WDDC)
  • Graham Carr-Jones (NDDC)
  • Sherry Jespersen (NDDC)
  • Spencer Flower (EDDC) (Lead Member)
  • Simon Tong (EDDC)
  • Hilary Cox (DCC)
  • Daryl Turner (DCC)
  • William Trite (PDC)
  • Cherry Brooks (PDC)
  • Jeff Cant (WPBC)

Meeting dates:

  • No further meetings scheduled


To oversee the budget preparations and Medium Term Financial Plan for the new Dorset Council.


  • Peter Webb (PDC)
  • Gary Suttle (PDC)
  • Michael Roake (NDDC)
  • Spencer Flower (EDDC)
  • Ray Bryan (EDDC)
  • Peter Barrowcliff (WDDC)
  • Simon Christopher (WDDC)
  • Ian Bruce (WPBC)
  • Rebecca Knox (DCC)
  • Tony Ferrari (DCC) (Lead Member)

Meeting dates:

  • Wednesday 9 January 2019
  • Wednesday 30 January 2019
  • Tuesday 5 February 2019
  • Wednesday 20 March 2019

Communications and Engagement

To oversee communications, branding and engagement.


  • KD Johnson (EDDC)
  • Robin Cook (EDDC)
  • Graham Carr-Jones (NDDC) (Lead Member)
  • Sherry Jespersen (NDDC)
  • William Trite (PDC)
  • Mike Lovell (PDC)
  • Jacqui Sewell (WDDC)
  • Stella Jones (WDDC)
  • John Ellis (WPBC)
  • Anne Wearing (WPBC)
  • Andrew Parry (DCC)
  • Mary Penfold (DCC)

Meeting dates:

  • TBC

Electoral Boundary Commission

To oversee the Boundary Review and scope the work required following MHCLG guidance as the lead for Boundary Reviews in both Joint Committee areas.


  • Spencer Flower (EDDC) (Lead Member)
  • Sherry Jespersen (NDDC)
  • Barry Quinn (PDC)
  • Gerald Duke (WDDC)
  • Alison Reed (WPBC)
  • Paul Kimber (WPBC)
  • Peter Wharf (DCC)
  • Mary Penfold (DCC)


To oversee the Equalities Workstream and ensure compliance with the Equality Act 2010.

Members: TBC

Meeting dates: TBC

Convergence, Stranded Costs and Transformation

To oversee the delivery of financial savings through convergence activity and to oversee the Phase 3 Vision and Strategic priorities work.


  • Rebecca Knox (DCC) (Lead Member)
  • Gary Suttle (PDC)
  • Spencer Flower (EDDC)
  • Graham Carr-Jones (NDDC)
  • Tony Ferrari (DCC)
  • Peter Wharf (DCC)
  • Jeff Cant (WPBC)

Meeting dates: TBC


Details and members TBC.