Publications and Useful Documents

This page provides publications and documents that relate to the work and functions of the Shadow Dorset Council.  These documents have been replied upon in developing the new Dorset Council.

Boundary Review
The initial phase of the Boundary Review for Dorset Council resulted in a Dorset Area – Council Size Submission (submitted on 31 January 2018), and subsequent Dorset Area Submission – Correction Sheet.  A further submission was made on 16 May 2018 for the Dorset Area Ward Arrangements.

The next phase of the Boundary Review started on 3 July 2018 with a consultation by the Local Government Boundary Commission for England (LGBCE) until 27 August 2018 (eight weeks). The  consultation documents are shown below:
Dorset Summary
Dorset draft recommendations – full report
Dorset Map

To have your say on the consultation and contribute to the design of the new wards you are encouraged to read the full report and look at the accompanying map before responding to the LGBCE.  If you agree with the recommendations or if you think the recommendations at not right for Dorset you are welcome to submit alternative proposals for a different pattern of wards.

The LGBCE website has a special consultation area where you can explore the maps and draw your own proposed boundaries. You can find it at  Submissions can also be made by emailing or by writing to:

Review Officer (Dorset)
The Local Government Boundary Commission for England
1st Floor, Windsor House
50 Victoria Street
London SW1H 0TL

The Constitution of the Shadow Council provides a operation framework, rules and procedures.

Members’ Allowances Scheme
The Members’ Allowances Scheme details the arrangements in place for payment of allowances.  The Shadow Dorset Council does not pay basic allowances or special responsibility allowances to any shadow councillors except for travelling and subsistence where appropriate.

Structural Change Order
The Structural Change Order was published following parliamentary approval in May 2018.

Future Dorset
Information about the Future Dorset proposal