Shadow Dorset Council


 Cllr Hilary Cox is the Chairman

   Cllr Peter Shorland is the Vice-Chairman

The Leader and Deputy Leader of the Shadow Dorset Council were appointed by the Shadow Executive Committee at its first meeting on 18 June 2018.

  Cllr Rebecca Knox is the Leader

  Cllr Gary Suttle is the Deputy Leader

The Shadow Dorset Council comprises of all councillors that currently serve on Dorset County Council and the five district/borough councils of East Dorset, North Dorset, Purbeck, West Dorset and Weymouth & Portland. There is a total of 206 councillors and 32 of the councillors are members of both the County Council and one of the district/borough councils.

Council Meetings
A calendar of meetings was agreed at the first meeting of the Shadow Dorset Council on 7 June 2018. Agendas, Reports and Minutes are available for each meeting of the Committee.

Agendas, reports and minutes for the committees of the Shadow Dorset Council are available below.

Dorset Area Joint Committee
The Dorset Area Joint Committee was the predecessor to the Shadow Dorset Council as a body which took forward the ambition of Local Government Reorganisation in Dorset prior to legislation being approved by Government.  The Joint Committee was made up of representatives of six Dorset councils including Dorset County Council, East Dorset District Council, North Dorset District Council, Purbeck District Council, West Dorset District Council and Weymouth and Portland Borough Council.  The Joint Committee was disbanded at the point that the Shadow Dorset Council was established in June 2018.

The agendas, reports and minutes of all of the Joint Committee meetings can be found here.