Shadow Executive

The Chairman and Vice-Chairman of the Shadow Executive Committee are ex officio the Leader and Deputy Leader of the Shadow Dorset Council.  They were appointed by the Shadow Executive Committee at its first meeting on 18 June 2018.

The Committee comprises of 20 councillors from Dorset Councils. Each of the Executive Members undertake a Lead Member role for the following areas of responsibility:

Committee Meetings
A calendar of meetings was agreed at the first meeting of the Shadow Dorset Council on 7 June 2018. Agendas, Reports and Minutes are available for each meeting of the Committee.  During 1 April 2019 until 6 May 2019 there will be Interim Committees to deal with any shadow council business.

Members of the Shadow Dorset Council and members of the public are able to ask questions at meetings of the Shadow Council and its committees – you can read the full guidance notes here: Guidance Note – Member Speaking & Guidance Note – Public Speaking

Forward Plan
The forward plan of forthcoming decisions to be taken by the Shadow Executive must be published 28 days (except for the first plan which is published as soon as possible following the first meeting of the Shadow Dorset Council) prior to each meeting and are listed below.

June 2018 – Forward Plan
July 2018 – Forward Plan
Forward Plans after July 2018

Terms of Reference
The Shadow Executive Terms of Reference were agreed at the first meeting of the Shadow Dorset Council on 7 June 2018.